Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Rainbow collection 2

I would like to upload about vivid colour today
as like rainbow colour!
What a nice colours are they!!!

To me, the most important thing when I choose a car,
it would be the colour. :)


I like this label of the bottles.
but I've never seen these before.
I wanna see and have that bottle!

So lovely pastel colour in a beach.
It would be a great holiday
I wanna have pink and lilca one in my house.

Combination of black and hot pink is so great.
That's so lovely pink colour.
Every girl would like this bicycle :)

I love cooper!!!
Not only is design so great, but also colours are gorgeous.

but..I prefer regular colour.
Red or Blue ?

skype phone
 a USB Skype phone for computers and mobile phones

Kotori's Earphone.
what a lovely colour they are!
and also their idea of ad is so cute :)

I think the most great thing of Apple is accessories
than their machine.
They know how can they earn the money from the customers.
How can we ignore all the pretty accessories
that they sell.

 -x.o.x.o AMY - 

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