Monday, February 7, 2011


What a cute website is this!
Moschino's website is decorated with
cute animals.

This handbag is so cute and
everyone can find this bag is moschino's.
price is also very reasonable.
I wanna get it.

This bag looks very comportable and practical.
pattern on the bag is also so cute.
By using basic color (black),
we can carry this bag anytime :)

This bag is very similar to above one.
But this bag is more detailed and pretty.
Design of tulip and lace makes you more girlish.

This is very small and classic.
When you don't wanna carry lots of things with you,
you can only carry this bag as a cluth.
Pattern on the leather is very elegant with basic color (black).
It would be the best one with any dress.

-x.o.x.o AMY - 

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