Monday, January 31, 2011

Stone Anchor - Amethyst Pendant & Classic Wrap Necklace

Amethyst Pendant & Classic Wrap Necklace

This Amethyst necklace is very unique design.
 Most of Amethyst is carved as angled design, but this figure of stone is rounded.
Big pendant would look so nice in summer.
Doubled-chain is also very well-matched with big pendant.
This necklace would be great with chic dress.

 -x.o.x.o AMY - 

Oh Wow Book Club - New York

The first OHWOW Book Club has opened its doors in a tiny
150 square-foot space in New York’s Greenwich Village.
 The retail space is located below street level
in a historic brownstone on Waverly Place.

The black-and-white tiled floor and the turquoise walls create
 a decidedly aquatic mood although the designer,
Rafael de Cárdenas, was thinking less of marine habitats and
more of a classic pre-war NYC water closet when he themed the space.

Experience designer/architect Rafael de Cárdenas of
Architecture At Large
 is a master of creating moods. In OHWOW Book Club, he has explored
 not only the sensations of disorientation and floating through neon lighting
and random wall color patterns and placement of shelves,
but also the feel of direction through
the Navajo carpet-like tile pattern of the floor.

All of these themes are evident also in OHWOW’s Miami exhibition space at NW 7 Avenue, that de Cárdenas designed in 2008 and to which the Miami Art Basel crowd took right away.

OHWOW (Our House West of Wynwood) is a collaborative creative enterprise conceived by New York’s event impresario Aaron Bondaroff and Miami art and publishing powerhouse Al Moran. - Tuija Seipell

So beautiful!
I really wanna visit here.
I'm planning to go to NYC again,
so I gotta visit here for sure.

 -x.o.x.o AMY - 


Today’s demanding consumers expect even their beloved, favorite brands
to step up their game.
Many run-away online successes of offline brand “stunts”
attest that consumers expect, and get really excited about,
experiences that are unusual, fun, thought-provoking and emotionally engaging.
With the power and immediacy of social media,
surprising offline events and stunts have now turned into truly powerful promotional tools.

For McDonald’s, we envision a cool, surprising and fun mix of concepts.
First is McFancy, an upmarket temporary McDonald’s store
that launches at Fashion Weeks around the globe — London, New York, Paris, Milan, Sydney, Hong Kong. McFancy is part art installation, gathering spot and, of course, a restaurant that offers a traditional McDonald’s menu but packaged in a way that
makes a playful yet stylish nod to the lifestyle of the highly desirable,
influential consumers that attend Fashion Weeks.


Waiters in tuxedos, silver service, private dining areas, and packaging co-created
with the fashion brands that present at Fashion Week
— Burberry burgers, Chanel fries on black packaging, Paul Smith Sundaes…
A bit of fun among the serious business of fashion. A bite of comfort food among
all the elaborate cocktail fare, Private dining rooms, a raised catwalk
that winds around the perimeter of the space, and with a central bar area providing a dramatic focal point. The ceiling is constructed from stretched fabric,
ribbed to provide articulation and define zones.
The form of the ceiling is accentuated through the use of LED lighting


This idea is very fresh and brilliant!
McDonald is not only very popural and cheap,
but also we find every food of Mcdonal is unhealthy.
( Because these are fast-food )

Even though they're so popular and they don't need to try for new image,
I think this McFANCY would be great to change their image.

only by changing the package, and store's atomosphere,
McDonald looks like high-class restaurant.

If they open this new branch, I really wanna visit here.

-x.o.x.o AMY - 

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Stone Anchor - Pendant & Classic Bracelet

 Pendant & Classic Bracelet
This bracelet is the most colourful and charming bracelet I’ve ever seen.
Usually Stone Anchor’s pendant bracelet has one big gem stone,
but this one has various and pastel-coloured jewels with antique brass chain.
By adding big circle gold hallmark between the jewels,
 it looks more fashionable and not monotonous.
I’ve never used any necklace or bracelet with gem stones yet,
but I really want to try and have this one.
It must be suited well for 20-30ages women whoever cute, elegant or sexy.

Stone Anchor

I like this model shoot which express
Stone Anchor’s nautical image in beautiful place.
White color of construction and black color of model’s dress show us contrast.

In addition to this, models are wearing long and colourful necklaces
 which make them look like enjoying summer in vacation spot.
Especially, blue color of  ‘Chrysocolla Classic Wrap Necklace’ is
totally well-matched in summer season.

How about escaping from terrible winter and
going to warm tropics with beautiful necklaces?

-x.o.x.o AMY - 

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Alexander Mcqueen

This Black dress looks totally different from white dress.
 Whether below white dress is feminine and elegant,
this black dress is totally chic!

shoes and clutch bag that are matched with dress
 are also very chic and stylish.
If we match long and lovely necklace,
This look would be look very different.

This dress is so basic that it could be matched with
any other basic jacket.
By designing both hem lines differently,
It is very stylish.

-x.o.x.o AMY - 

Alexander Mcqueen

This white dress is perfect enough to make us look elegant and gorgeous.
It loooks like dress of goddess.
Cordination with beige colour of
 big ribbon belt, clutch bag and strap heel makes this dress
look more great.

If she wears pretty necklace or bracelet.
It would be the best.

-x.o.x.o AMY - 

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Stone Anchor's Photos - a Valentine's Love Story

20 minutes early... he awaits his Valentine...

With eager anticipation...

She's taking careful time...

A selection of her best pearls...

Beautifully kept for such a Valentine's occasion...

Tight squeeze? Too many chocolates?...

Elegantly divine... just as in her youth... he's gonna melt!


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Labradorite Classic2 Bracelet - by Stone Anchor

I’ve never seen this kind of beautiful and distinctive colour in my life.
This labradorite has very special colour.
 The colours change according to the angle of light refraction,
and may be blue, green, yellow and pink.
The base color of the stone itself is a silvery gray.
 And also the labradorite stimulates imagination and improves memory.
It has a harmonizing effect which clarifies intuition & objectives.
So it would be great gift for artist, designer, and craftsman.

By adding three gem stones, it’s more beautiful and it maintains level.
And it was cut into a quadrangle so it looks more natural.
I think it would be basic item to wear everyday.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Designer Anchor Necklace by 'Stoneanchor'

I was wondering that how big was this necklace,
because I thought that necklace and that pyrite sun (gem stone) were connected.
But after I saw that model shoot,
I realize that pyrite sun was just decoration for necklace. (lol)

I think this model shoot’s colour-matching is very nice.
Dress and wedge heel’s black colour are matching,
and also gold colours of model’s blond hair and
‘Anchor Necklace’ are well matching too.

Designer Anchor Necklace is the best necklace
to express the image of Stone Anchor.
Chain and design of this necklace are very simple, however,
just by adding big anchor design with gold brass chain,
this necklace is totally awesome.
Gold is very classic colour so that this necklace is very easy to match
with any colour and any design of your clothes.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

2011 S/S Trend - Make Up

     [ Make Up ] 

Red & Berry

To make lip's colour great, you should make your face colour pale.

Orange & Pink 

Natural Eye colours are recommended
like Nude, Gold, Bronze.

-x.o.x.o AMY - 

2011 S/S Trend - Hair

                                 [ Hair ] 

Short hair is the trend of this S/S.
and also soft perm would be loved.

About the colours,
Warm brown,  Chocolate red, Orange red, Cocoa red, Chocolate brown, Red brown would be popular.

-x.o.x.o AMY - 

2011 S/S Trend - ETC

Various designs of this S/S collections.

-x.o.x.o AMY - 

2011 S/S Trend - Bag

                                 [ Bag ] 

Small bag with coloured is the point of this S/S.

-x.o.x.o AMY - 

2011 S/S Trend - Shoes

                                 [ Shoes ] 

I could find Chic high heel with thin strap, Feminine shoes, Active shoes that was motived by rope.

Simple designed shoes that minimize the details, and exaggerated detailed shoes would be loved at the same time.

-x.o.x.o AMY - 

2011 S/S Trend - Classic Look & Minimalism

                         [ Classic Look ]

Classic is classic.
Classic style is always
If you don't want to wear too classic style, 
Just try puffed-sleeve or 
silky blouses and dresses.

                [ Minimalism ]                                                                                                                                                                                                         


Minimalism represents 90's.
By minimizing the detail and decoration, it looks simple and classic. 
Minimalism was popular in 10 F/W also, However, a lot of designers chose it again in 2011 S/S .

-x.o.x.o AMY - 

2011 S/S Trend - Biker Look

                           [ Biker Look ]

there were lots of strong and mannish biker fashion, but in this 2011 S/S , we can find soft and bright coloured biker look.

Burberry Prorsum’s Tough New Look For Spring 2011

-x.o.x.o AMY - 

2011 S/S Trend - Lady Like Look

                           [ Lady Like Look ] 

Lady Like Look is known as trend of 50's & 60's.
This style is to stress woman's beautiful waist line to be looked elegant.

 Badgley Mischka invoked a “timeless glamour” of White Mischief. Colors included fresh powdery pink, mint greens, and icy blues. The designer’s style including sheer layers, high waists, draped one-shoulder gowns, and an African inspired with crafty embroideries and macramé weaving.

Donna Karan’s collection was Light and wispy, couture-like romance. Key items from the collection long bias slip dress with front slit, ribbon-tie-front canvas car coat, pale gold filigree hand-embroidered tulle evening dress, long-slit crushed-chiffon shirt dress. With colour such as vanilla, jute, nude, honey, pale gold and antique cream.

-x.o.x.o AMY - 

2011 S/S Trend - White

                               [ White ] 

White lasts  forever.

White wide-pants, White denim, 
Styling all white on the top and bottom.

If you think you can't rock these white cloths,
Try put white colors emphasis with accessory, shoes, bag.

-x.o.x.o AMY - 

2011 S/S Trend - Vivid

                                    [ Vivid ]

Vivid is the most important trend in 2011 S/S.
If you wore the vivid color clothes with a point item,
Try to wear vivid color from the top to bottom.

Don't forget to bStyling with one color 
is the key-point of this season!

-x.o.x.o AMY - 

2011 S/S Trend - Stripe

                                [ Stripe ]

Stripe has been loved for a long time
and also this stripe is selected to be a trend in 2011
Stripe is very easy to match with other items.

If you are tired of wearing stripe clothes,
try to wear stripe accessory or bag.

-x.o.x.o AMY - 


2011 S/S Trend


70's & 90's style would be popular in 2011 S/S

It would be fresh and novel fashion
by adding modern style to 70's & 90's style.

Let's find which style is coming up together!

-x.o.x.o AMY - 

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Stone Anchor

Stone Anchor’s jewels are the most beautiful
when they’re in the natural environment, 
especially in the warm area. 
Of course this is because jewels are also from nature. 
I think that their concept of design is
 to let the gem stones and gold chain harmonious
by not making the design complicated. 
That’s why I like their design and jewels so much!

Cartier d'Art Collection

These are so beautiful and gorgeous.
I know why Cartier have been loving by people.
Artist made all the things with their hands.

They use mother of pearl,gold, onyx, jasper
and a lot of different jewels.
I like humming bird, jaguar, polar bear the most.
I wish I could buy this one, but I can't afford to.
Where is my husband? I gotta find him.