Tuesday, February 1, 2011


There's little left in life that hasn't had a style-makeover -
even the most banal everyday, domestic items -
with everything from can openers to wooden spoons designed with aesthetics in mind. 
 And now the last bastion of artless functionality,
the humble band aid, has succumbed to the trend.

Superficial cuts and grazes are cause for glamor with
Kiss Lips, Skulls & Cowboys,
without doubt the coolest band aids you’ve ever seen.
Camp as a pink tiara at Mardi Gras, the bright, glossy lip-shaped bandages
 come in a cute tin which includes a little novelty toy.
 Who said fun (oh, and bumps and bruises) were just for kids.
They cost $16 and come with 15 per tin.

If your boo-boo needs more than a band aid,
then you can't go past these stylish bandages in assorted colors.
Complete with logo and clips, the bandage can compliment any outfit and
steers away from the dramatic off white traditional bandage of the past. 
by Lisa Evans

These bandages are so cute!!!!
especially, that lips!!!
where can I get it?
I gotta start my hobby to collect bandage again.

 -x.o.x.o AMY - 

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